This blog contains YouTube interviews and writings from people that met and knew Meher Baba during his lifetime. We also invite guests to share their experiences of life with Meher Baba’s Mandali, even if they did not physically meet Meher Baba Himself.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Growing Up With God - Roshan Kerawala Shares her Memories

I was looking through Gary's video posts on YouTube and saw this very detailed and descriptive video of my mother talking of her memories of growing up with Meher Baba.  My mum was fortunate in not only having close and loving association with Meher Baba through her childhood, she was also instructed by Baba to go a Mast/saint Kamu Baba in Mumbai and deliver messages, letters, etc. and take the replies back to Him.  She also was there when Baba sent a mast to stay at Bindra House, Eruch's family's home in Pune.  Her stories are a beautiful window into life with the Avatar from the viewpoint of a child and a young woman.  

I will post more videos as they come.  May my efforts please Beloved Baba.  That will make this blog a success.  Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai.  

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