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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Account of Papa Jessawala's Last Days and Other Memories

Michael LePage did a video of the Jessawala family's association with Meher Baba.  It is narrated by Meherwan Jessawala and has some really lovely pictures of the family with Baba.  There is one of Baba on the porch of Bindra House (the Jessawala residence in Pune) and there I am, in Gaimai's arms!

The video shows Eruch with Baba in so many places.  Eruch's place in Baba's advent is unchallenged.  Baba interpreter, His valet, the constant companion of everyone's Constant Companion.  Eruch dedicated his life to serving Baba.  He was the essential "fortunate slave".  However, it was the family's dedication to the Master that allowed Eruch to fulfil his role.  This is the story of that family.

The video also has a beautiful snapshot of the Avatar playing marbles with Meherwan.  Meherwan was the first child to be called Meherwan by Baba.  He was allowed to stay with the women Mandali for periods of time.  His memoirs will soon be published.  I've been reading them for Meherwan to help him ensure accuracy and I find these stories inspiring, delightful and a wonderful narrative of a child and an adult growing up with God.  Baba was once asked what a saint looked like.  Pointing to Meherwan who was present at that time Baba gestured, "Like him."

This is a video to cherish and to share.  I am sharing it with you all.  Jai Meher Baba.

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